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Have you ever wondered where our energy comes from? Did you know the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation? How can we as consumer make an impact on improving the environment through the choice of a greener energy solution? Some 800 million people remain without access to electricity. How can we provide them access to energy for their needs?

These questions and figures prompted us to find a way to educate the public about alternative forms of energy. We aim to inspire people to explore renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative power-generating methods. 


Whether it’s for a one-day festival or a month-long campaign, we provide installations that allow people to power different devices directly with their own energy, like lights, sounds, phones or even a blender. This is how our Bicycle Generator was conceived. 

Our best-seller the Bicycle Juicer, requires you to cycle to power the blender and get juice as a reward! People can also power up lights or music. Imagine charging your phone by riding a bicycle or powering your band with renewable energy. Our generators convert your kinetic energy into electricity, so you get to literally enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Our activation caters to: townships, city councils, brand owners, event organizers, academic institutions and the public.

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