Camp Benih Education

A series of one-day workshops conducted around Malaysia that emphasizes on instilling skills and stimulating talents in our nation’s youth. These workshops place a great emphasis on different hands-on and business expertise focusing greatly on sustainable living. Participants of Camp Benih will complete the workshops with polished skills in building and creating, as well as […]

Double AA Workshop

Leading copy paper manufacturer, Double A, recently launched a campaign to draw attention to current environmental issues while promoting environmental sustainability. Aimed to encourage people to re-examine their consumption choices and the impact made from individual contributions, the workshop focused on best use of paper in creative….

Motion Sensing Light Workshop

Have you ever played with a PIR sensor? Many are excited at our workshops when asked. Our motion sensing light module teaches you the basics of coding. Learn what is an Arduino microcontroller and…..

Upcycled Jewelry Workshop

As the proliferation of obsolete computers, handphones and other gadgets increases, there are many trying to implement new ways to repurpose electronic waste, in order to cope with this unending flood of discarded tech. Our solution to raise awareness about the matter lies in a series of workshops aimed…

Powered by Giving

All three Energy Playground generators; the Bicycles, Hamsterwheel and Merry-Go-Round were set up at The Square for a week in conjunction with Christmas festivities.

Interactive Projection Mapping

As part of a digital art promotional event, we collaborated with projection mapping artists to trigger visuals with our capacitive sensors.

Racetrack Challenge

For Times Square’s theme park, we built a customised light racetrack where participants had to challenge each other. The amount of energy generated was displayed in the center.

SEA Games Design Challenge

In conjunction with the SEA games, we organised design workshops where students had to design the centrepiece of the Energy Playground to be displayed during the games.

Lantern Pagoda

We installed a bicycle-powered lantern for HyppTV’s Tanglung Moviefest at Setia City Park.