Program Pemecut Impak

We aim to build and grow capacities of catalysts through our programmes, by enabling access to education and innovative solutions, providing the platform to further strengthen the ecosystem.

Our Impact Accelerator Programmes give you access to :


Akses kepada panduan pakar dalam industri impak untuk pertumbuhan dan kejayaan


Business, digital literacy, problem-solving skills, and more to nurture entrepreneurship & organizational growth


Sokongan kewangan untuk menskalakan projek dan organisasi, mempercepatkan kesan

Core learning modules

Digital Transformation

  • Managing Projects Digitally
  • Digital Management Tools
  • Tech Support for Non-Profits / Social Enterprises

Business Management

  • Organisational Strategic Planning
  • Customer Segment  & Theory of Change
  • Business Pitch & Proposals
  • Financial Planning & Reporting
  • Pelaporan Impak 

Digital Communication

  • Building a Digital Portfolio
  • Digital Presence & its Importance
  • Communications & PR in 21st Century

We build catalysts for positive change, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and network to create a better future

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