AI Teach is a capacity development program aimed to develop & enhance the ASEAN Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) landscape at all levels by providing educators and students with practical AI skills, fostering innovation through hackathon activities, and creating a pipeline of AI-ready graduates for industries.

The state of AI and its opportunities

  • The potential of artificial intelligence extends beyond its coexistence with humans and hopes to contribute to a more sustainable future. In recent studies, the ASEAN region faces difficulties in achieving sustainable development due to the region’s unpreparedness in utilising AI advancements to forward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • AI skills are increasingly essential, with the World Economic Forum highlighting their importance in corporate training strategies and noting that around 6.6 million workers in ASEAN will need to update their skills due to AI advancements.
  • Thus, Microsoft Philanthropies is focused on upskilling individuals for the AI-enabled economy, targeting capacity building across non-profits, workforce organizations, education institutes, and government entities, with a goal to reach 10 million people globally.

Implementation Strategies

Governmental Partnership

Collaborating and aligning AI Teach with Ministries, TVET Governing Bodies, Government Agencies to enable holistic AI adoption in the TVET education scene.

Master TTT Workshops

In depth TTT workshops to equip TVET educators with industry relevant AI tools to expedite AI adoption in their relevant field.

Teacher to student knowledge sharing

Enabling TVET educators the capability and capacity to share and make accessible AI tools, skills training, and content to TVET students in Malaysia.

Digital Capacity Development

Enhancing and improving the capacity of TVET Educators and students in AI utilisation to enhance education delivery.

Our Approach

Introducing Generative Education through Microsoft AI Trainer Toolkit

Module 1: A Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Module 2: Introduction to artificial intelligence for trainers

Module 3: Exploring artificial intelligence in action

Module 4: Artificial intelligence in teaching and learning

Module 1: A guide to generative artificial intelligence

Module 2: Prompt engineering

Module 3: AI-powered image generator

Module 4: Generative artificial intelligence in education

Module 1: Generative AI in education

Module 2: Improving the way trainers work

Module 3: Learner-centered learning with AI

Module 4: Training with AI

Module 1: Responsible AI

Module 2: Fairness

Module 3: Reliability & safety

Module 4: Privacy & security

Module 5: Inclusiveness

Module 6: Transparency

Module 7: Accountability

Module 8: Responsible AI application for trainers and learners

Robust program implementation

Engagement with ASEAN Senior Official Meeting on Education (SOMED)

Master Trainer-the-Trainer for Teachers

Teacher to student knowledge sharing


Educators’ participation is crucial for the success of this program. We aim to generate enthusiasm among trainers by empowering them to apply their expertise in Generative AI to their teaching approaches to assist students in maximizing the benefits of AI, which, in turn, will enhance their education outcomes and preparedness for the industry as they transition into the workforce through the in country and regional Hackathon.

Our Goals

TVET Teachers
TVET Students
TVET Students Certified
Nationwide Hackathons​

Completed AI TEACH Train the Trainer Workshop:

Jabatan Tenaga Malaysia
Partnernship with MTVET

Date: 20nd - 21st May 2024


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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  • A certificate of completion by Microsoft & the regional implementing partner will be issued to TVET Educators/Teachers upon completion of the Microsoft AI TEACH program.
  • For students, a certificate will be issued via LinkedIn upon completion of the Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn.

The Microsoft AI TEACH Program Train the Trainer (TTT) Session will be held with the following timeline

  • Malaysia: 300 TVET Educators per quarter 
  • Next Cohort: June 2024
  • All training & contents of Microsoft AI Teach are free of charge.

All TVET educators/ Teachers from Malaysia that have completed the Microsoft AI TEACH Program will be eligible to participate in the Teachers’ Hackathon.

There will be 2 Nationwide Hackathon, both being held separately in Indonesia & Malaysia during the period of July – September 2024. 

The winners of the 2 Nationwide Hackathon will then participate in a Regional Hackathon that will be held in Indonesia during the period of October – December 2024. 

Exact dates to the Hackathons will be announced on a later date.