Microsoft Skills for Jobs – Collective Impact Program

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The COVID-19 Pandemic that started 3 years ago was definitely an eye-opener for the essential need for the digital transformation of businesses and communities everywhere around the world, including Malaysia. Hence, Microsoft has committed to building and nurturing digital capabilities for Malaysians to be ready for the emerging digital economy in Malaysia via the Skills for Jobs Initiative. 

As the implementing partner of Microsoft for this effort, Biji-biji Initiative and Mereka have organised multiple digital upskilling workshops in support of the Microsoft Collective Impact Program, in order to reach underserved communities and provide them with upskilling opportunities and ultimately enhance their employability. 

Starting from October 2022 till today, 182 beneficiaries from 6 underserved communities have gone through 5 digital upskilling workshops where they have been equipped and educated with digital skills that will enhance their employability. Through collaborations with NGOs and other humanitarian organisations, various individuals ranging from teenagers to adults from different walks of life from the B40 community were among the participants that benefited from this program. 

Trainers with digital expertises were engaged to lead the workshops. By connecting the participants to these certified trainers, participants were able to learn more than just digital skills but also soft skills that can be helpful for their job-searching journey. Furthermore, career coaches were also engaged to assist and guide participants with identifying and landing the jobs of their dreams. 

The Microsoft Collective Impact Program aims to upskill and enhance the employability of 50,000 Malaysians in the B40 community by the end of 2023; in hopes to improve their livelihood by landing a job or getting an increase in income from leveraging the digital skills that they have learnt.

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