Microsoft Program to Improve Employment Opportunities

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Kota Kinabalu, 14 & 15 July 2023 – In another endeavor to bridge the digital divide and unemployment gap for underserved communities, Microsoft, Biji-biji Initiative and Mereka embarked on a journey to Sabah for its ninth workshop. Working collectively with the Good Shepherd Sabah, Sabah Skills & Technology Centre (SSTC) and Discover MuayThai (Sabah), Microsoft Collective Impact Program impacted 51 unemployed youths from a wide range of backgrounds, many of whom were working with devices and Microsoft applications for the very first time. An introductory session on accessing Microsoft 365 was conducted, which provided participants with free access to essential productivity tools.

Through hands-on sessions, participants learned to be vigilant online to protect themselves from potential scams, fraud, and unsafe links, create their first resume using Microsoft Word’s readily available templates, build a dynamic and creative presentation using Microsoft Sway, learn basic spreadsheet functions and data management with Microsoft Excel, create a video with AI using ClipChamp and other relevant applications. The ChatGPT module was also introduced and taught to be used with other apps to help improve their productivity and efficiency. Participants were excited to explore and apply the artificial intelligence software in their everyday lives and for work purposes. These modules fostered a sense of empowerment and opened doors to new opportunities for them.

Recognizing the importance of professional networking, the workshop guided participants to create and complete their LinkedIn profile, building a strong online presence, and utilise the platform to search for jobs. Participants were encouraged to make their first LinkedIn post, kickstarting their journey towards building a robust professional network.

The Microsoft Collective Impact Workshop at SSTC in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, offered a transformative experience for participants by equipping participants with essential digital and employability skills, promoting online safety, fostering creativity; all of which empowered them to make a positive impact in their personal and professional lives. Microsoft remains committed to driving the Collective Impact Program and nurturing communities through technology and collaboration. The venue sponsors, SSTC and DMT Sabah, both deserve recognition and appreciation for their invaluable support in making this program a resounding success in  Sabah. 
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