Navin Binwani

Navin Binwani is a self-taught maker who first became fascinated with electronics through electronic music instruments and how they functioned. Through the Biji-Biji Initiative, he learnt about manufacturing, technology, sustainability and art and the various ways they intertwine. Interested in the future and current global issues, he always has his ear to the ground on […]

Zoe Victoria

As a co-founder, she helps to develop the future direction of the company through strategic partnerships and business development. At the same time, as HR manager she looks after the team and is always scouting for the next Biji-biji member to help the organisation grow stronger and smarter together.

Gurpreet Singh Dhillon

Gurpreet is someone who is somehow involved in practically everything. With an insatiable curiosity and strong vision to succeed and excel, he is always teaching himself something new.. Whether you are looking for a digital marketeer to spread the message, or an engineer to fix high-tech equipment. He graduated with a Physics degree and has […]

Rashvin Pal Singh

At Biji-biji Initiative, Rashvin leads the Business Development and Strategic direction of the organization, whilst keeping in-touch with the day-to-day operations. Rashvin’s main areas of passion and focus lies in the fields of Sustainable Development, Social Entrepreneurship,and alternative models to growth economics. He is also passionate about understanding the links between human behavior, culture and […]