Meet The Team

Ashvin Pal Singh

Ashvin became interested in electronics while studying sound engineering at University. The audio equipment he needed was expensive so, to tackle this issue, Ashvin began exploring DIY electronics, repairing broken audio equipment (like reel-to-reel machines) or building simple circuits to make his music. 

After studying, Ashvin soon found a home at Biji-biji Initiative where he could explore his growing passion for electronics. Ashvin likes to mix electronics and art; he has worked on various art installations, including a laser harp and aquaponics table. He is also interested in renewable energy and likes to share this with the public through interactive power generators (in the form of an energy playground). He has recently completed a project using ultracapacitors to store energy generated from humans. 

Ashvin views electronics as a creative art; he loves the challenge and satisfaction of making something work. He wants to spread his love for electronics, and urges people not to be scared – embrace it! 

Currently Ashvin is heading the operations team within Energy. Ashvin and the team are providing alternative education to the public teaching 21st century subjects with hands-on learning and high level tools. He loves travelling, making music and personal & commercial electronics projects.