William Kong

An upcyclist and a maker from a very young age, this talented man is able to fix and make everything work from anything. A master at his practice, William uses both conventional and unconventional methods in solving the knots in our design and builds. An indispensable business partner, William effortlessly runs our wood and metal […]

Juliana Adam

Juliana is our veteran project manager. A master planner with high standards, she delivers any tasks she takes upon herself, with excellence. Currently, as the Head of Sustainable Events & Consultancy, Juliana is turning the events industry more sustainable.  A true multi-tasker with impeccable time management skills, she always keeps cool regardless of the storm […]


Ashfaq too hails from Pakistan, from a province called Menshara. he came to Kuala Lumpur to provide a good life for his family back in Pakistan. Ashfaq has been sewing since 1985 and has 3 daughters. His eldest daughter is now in college, pursuing a diploma in computer science. She is using a laptop he […]

Faris Tiang

Faris studies in a Bachelors of Marketing Communication but always felt that he wanted to do more hands-on practical work. Did a 3 months internship at UNHCR after graduating his degree under the Registration department. Stumbled upon Biji-Biji through a recommendation of a friend and found family and a place to belong here. After a […]

Jey Bala

Jey Bala spent four years at Hewlett & Packard and Dell as a trainer and quality auditor. Before that, he taught English in a local school as well as in Tenby International School. He studied Business IT in college and completed an online TESOL course.  Before his role in Me.reka and Biji-biji, Jey was the […]

Chewi Ng

Being in the event industry for more than 5 years, this heroine never fails to seal deals between clients – always on the edge of her seat, on the front lines of the virtual battlefield of emails responding to never-ending waves of queries. A graduate in Mass Communications from Hawaii and before that Hospitality Management […]

Tauqeer Rafique

A jack of all trades, Tauqeer is a great help in maintaining our workshop in Klang. Hailing from Pakistan where he originally worked with repairing car air conditioners, he has moved to Malaysia with us where he seeks to build a better life for his wife and two young sons. Over the years, he has […]

Ambika Sangaran

Ambika is focused on driving sales, business development and operational excellence. She aims to build business environments, ecosystems, procedures and processes that support sustainable businesses in Malaysia. Passionate and driven, Ambika is not someone who takes the term ‘sustainability’ lightly. If you’re wondering how we managed to measure our indicators with such precision, it was […]

Ashvin Pal Singh

Ashvin became interested in electronics while studying sound engineering at University

Navin Binwani

Navin Binwani is a self-taught maker who first became fascinated with electronics through electronic music instruments and how they functioned. Through the Biji-Biji Initiative, he learnt about manufacturing, technology, sustainability and art and the various ways they intertwine. Interested in the future and current global issues, he always has his ear to the ground on […]