Angular Full-Stack Web Developer Senior Associate


Brief Introduction

About Mereka.io

Mereka embraces the potential of the implausible. What some call crazy, we call visionary.  We take both in stride. Through future forward-thinking, we build infrastructure on the fundamentals of the digital economy to actualize the future of innovation. Connecting a  universal subconscious from academia to a hemisphere at the heart of the industry: redefining what it means to know, learn and grow.

Mereka.io is a first-of-its-kind digital platform that will shape the future of collaboration and social impact creation. Our vision is to tackle the ever-changing needs of the future by harnessing technology, automating collaborations, and inspiring innovation. Our mission is to bridge the gap between underutilized resources and a community of lifelong learners through a nexus of creative knowledge sharing.

Job Description

The Profile

We are looking for a full-stack developer who is able to bring our strategy and design to life. We need you to work with us to get this platform through its first public beta and then onwards for a Series A investment funding round by December 2022.

The Task at Hand

Over the past year, our team has worked tirelessly to develop this one-of-a-kind platform. Join us as we build this platform and brand from the ground up, and experience the thrill of working in a well-organized and tech-driven start-up. For the right person, we offer the opportunity to work directly with the CEO as part of a small, dedicated team with colleagues in Technology, Web Development, Product Design, Business Development, and Marketing.

Job Requirements

Our Stack and Raison d’être

Our engineers, no matter what level, never go hands-off. We think it’s important to be close to the code and be involved in the code review. Mastery of the following technical skills are essential for this role:

  1. Experience with modern web application frameworks – Angular 10+ and above, HTML5, JavaScript/Typescript, ES6, ES7, CSS/SASS.
  • Angular not only supports TypeScript as a first-class citizen but uses it as its primary language. You must be an expert at Typescript as an angular developer
  • We use Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets because of its many advantages in speed and efficiency. It’s important that you have a solid grip on the basics of CSS. We need you to have a grasp of core concepts before you start exploring shortcuts.
  1. Experience with modern backend technology such as NodeJS
  2. Familiar with popular UI components and design frameworks like Nebular, Material & Bootstrap
  3. A wizard when it comes to Firebase
  • We are huge fans of Google infrastructure and we love the Firebase platform because it helps us work faster and deliver higher quality by providing easy-to-use tools and a ‘serverless’ infrastructure that scales automatically.
  • A strong foundation of the principles in database modeling architecture is a must.
  1. A master when it comes to API integration with 0Auth 2.0 (Auth0) authentication
  2. Proficiency with GIT version control (Github), unit testing, and collaborative development
  3. Strong understanding of MVC and SOLID design principles

Bonus points if you:

  1. Have experience with crafting beautiful RESTful web- services and have strong knowledge of the way the web works
  2. Are an active driver for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) based application development
  3. Have NoSQL database experience


  1. Collaboration. We are committed to producing world-class products. We need you to be able to talk to and work with tech and non-tech people, and to be flexible enough to manage competing priorities, pivot, and adjust quickly. Experience or familiarity with the Agile development process is desirable. The ability to see the big picture is the key to success.
  2. Problem-solving: The problems we are solving are unique and complex. This takes critical thinking, root cause analysis, and issue dissection with the team to come up with the best solution. We want to get this right and your insights will be essential.
  3. Learning: Our engineering team is full of life-long learners. We are looking for people who have a growth mindset, stay up on their craft, and always keep an eye out for what’s next.
  4. Mentoring: Teaching and coaching are an integral part of this role. We want people who want to share their experiences, best practices, and knowledge to elevate the team as a whole. Ideally, you have prior experience as a team lead, providing guidance and support to junior developers. Real leadership creates more leaders.