The Changemaker Talent Development Programme (CTDP)

About our Changemaker Talent Development Programme (CTDP)

The Changemaker Talent Development Programme (CTDP) is our flagship leadership trainee programme, aimed at nurturing future leaders through real-world experiences and personal development opportunities by being part of creating impact solutions. CTDP prepares the future workforce with the necessary skills and competencies to ensure a great kickstart to a prosperous career while shaping the leaders of tomorrow. 

As a Changemaker, you will gain practical and valuable work experience that grants you the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Our CTDP Goals

To equip future Changemakers with key 21st Century skills and competencies to thrive in the future workforce through hands-on real-world learning experiences

To build and establish a network of future leaders who strive on creating impact and lead with a social mission

What can we offer you?

How does it feel to work on a team driven to make a significant impact? Empowering. Being part of the future workforce, we believe your career should continually be growing. You’ll hit the ground running with a company genuinely committed to your growth as you enjoy a unique camaraderie on a team dedicated to protecting what matters. Build your future with us!

The allowance will be starting from RM800.

You will participate in the Changemaker Talent Development Programme (Internship), where you will have the opportunity to Learn, Engage, Apply, and Progress within the organization. You will receive an internship certificate at the end of your 3-6 months internship and have access to network with the teams from every level, participate in progressive real-world projects, join exclusive informational sessions with senior leaders, and expanding mentorship opportunities and career development. You also get to socialize with the team for virtual social and learning activities such as the Monthly Meetings with the whole group, ‘Lunch and Learn’, virtual games, and whole loads of excitement!

Who and what are we looking for?

Master's and Bachelor’s degree students or graduates with a CGPA of 2.8 and above. (All others are also welcomed to apply)

Able to commit a minimum of 3 months on a full-time basis

Experience in relevant independent projects and exemplary co-curricular involvements is a plus point

For Visual Design, and Marketing & Communications Trainee- demonstrates a compelling portfolio showcasing past work. This is required!

Strong command of English and/or Malay Language. Added bonus for Mandarin and Tamil Languages!

Individuals who are able to communicate in a clear and engaging manner

A critical and creative thinker and with a can-do attitude, who is motivated by and aligned with the organization’s missions

A self-starter hustler who is independent yet a strong team player

Apply before 13th August for our next Cohort!

Interested in joining our CTDP Programme?

CTDP Testimonials

Key Learning Objectives

Throughout the programme, the Changemakers will be able to achieve the 5 key learning objectives:

Future Leadership

As you experience hands-on work experience in an organization that thrives in social change, we wish to develop youth leaders that will drive progression, gain valuable competencies and enhanced employability to prepare for future leadership and progress in career development.

Equipped with the skills of the future for the demands and opportunities of the 21st century, that will enable the Changemakers to pursue varied roles and positions of employment 

Increased ability to identify and articulate problems and find creative solutions, driven by professional strengths, values, and goals.

Growth Mindset

Enabling the growth mindset through problem-solving and empowerment with end-to-end hands-on work, real-world experience, and meaningful impact projects


By devouring day-to-day work assignments, meetings, and collaboration, you will sharpen your leadership potential by building confidence, sharpening communication skills, and other valuable professional experience.


Enhance your employability as you learn to adapt and learn through a fast-paced work environment, strong work ethics, and other key inter-and intra-personal skills.


CTDP drives growth for the future Changemaker to be agile, adaptable and resilient, in order to own leadership success. CTDP provides unconventional work experiences by enabling future Changemakers to apply educational knowledge, passion, and non-technical skills to problem-solving.

Be resourceful, engaged, informed enough to take on the challenges and newness

Demonstrating professional and effective communications – written, verbal and non-verbal – in diverse settings.

Showcase adaptability in approaching new situations.

Capacity to learn quickly in new and challenging situations

Your CTDP experience will provide new and challenging work situations. To adapt to the situations, you must be attentive, resourceful, and engaged in order to thrive through challenges.

Conversing, Listening, and Observing

Communication skills in a career context require the understanding ability of means, tone, influences, and levels of formality and professionalism. CTDP enables Changemakers to learn how to communicate effectively through varied channels.


CTDP will aid in creating the 21st-century mindset, empowering future Changemakers to be able to transition and be flexible to new situations. By embracing challenges, you are showing to yourself and your leaders that you are flexible, independent, and competent.

Changemaker Network & Connections

CTDP builds a network of future Changemakers that will become the leaders of different organisations and movements. You are able to collaborate, empower and work within a team and the community. You will be engaged in a diverse team environment, and contribute based on your strengths while complimenting the team dynamics.

Shaping the same and collaborative mindsets within progressive networks to achieve the same mission.

Cultivation of professional relationships through collaboration and teamwork in a professional demeanor with purposeful symbiosis.

Develop potential relations that could positively enhance one’s professional network.


CTDP allows future Changemakers to be connected to like-minded individuals, foster collaboration, and encourage partnerships towards a collective impact.


In an everyday setting, working within a team and the professional setting cannot be achieved with tactful results without relationship-building and a collaborative mindset.

Building relationships with fellow Changemakers and team members and being able to work well with them, are vital for a collaborative mindset.

Rapport and relationship building skills

The value of having close networks, and a collaborative mindset empowers future Changemakers to solve societal issues. These established networks and resource sharing mindset creates a thriving environment for people to come together and solve problems.

Expand your professional and close network through networking activities and alumni connections to broaden your reach.

Career Field Knowledge

Apply your academic expertise in a professional setting giving you hands-on insight into the field and career field knowledge. Whether working directly in your industry or support services you will come away with knowledge specific to career field trends within your host company and globally.

Develop an increased level of self-efficacy and competency
concentrating on career fields and skills for the future

Understanding to bridge your knowledge and hands-on work experience to future employment.

Links with industry and real-world projects. Providing a platform for creative entrepreneurs to collaborate.

Digital Skills

Equip future Changemakers with the skills necessary to be able to partake in the digital economy, and be empowered to solve their own community challenges.

Real-World Experience

By participating in experiential workplace learning and internships, you should be able to identify what skills the future employer is looking for in the career field and align with your strengths.

Entrepreneurial Mind

Gain exposure to a social business idea and develop a social enterprise mindset. All of us must learn to adapt to evolving industries; all of us must play our part in solving complex and global problems.

Social Impact Learning

Throughout your internship experience, you learn the organizational component to achieve social impact. Our goal is to provide a holistic learning experience whilst gaining exposure to the social impact knowledge.

Exposure to how the impact is created, measured, and scaled.

Equipped with the ability and the know-how to curate and design your own impact project for the

Social Entrepreneurship

Participate in formal and informal learning activities to gain exposure to social impact. This includes direct or indirect involvement in social impact projects and programmes with the Biji-biji and Me.reka beneficiaries.

Programme Structure


  • Introduction to Programme Structure & Organisation
  • Understanding of individual role expectations and tasks
  • On-boarding to organisation tools and platforms

Projects and Real-World Assignments

The assignment is determined and guided by the supervisor, and may directly or indirectly be related to specific Client projects. Assignments will increase the Changemakers’ understanding of the organisation and provide first-hand experience in managing and solving real-world challenges.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

IDP is a goal-setting tool aimed at providing structured guidance for career and personal development. The IDP will include:

  • Changemaker goal and progress
  • Feedback and recognitions
  • Programme deliverables
  • Career Development Plan

Changemakers are expected to fill out the Individual Development Plan, followed by a one-on-one IDP Chat with their immediate supervisors.

CTDP Teambuilding

An engaging & open discussion session with the Changemakers. Topics may include:

  • Culture
  • Get to Know the Team
  • Personality test
  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

CTDP Huddle

A bi-weekly get-together for all Changemakers to:

  • Foster connections & establish a collaborative mindset
  • Recognize progress and achievements to empower individuals
  • Share & reflect on current challenges to come up with actionable solutions

Lunch and Learn (L&L)

L&L sessions are intended to instill a learning and growth mindset within our future leaders and are conducted through a series of pre-recorded webinars. Changemakers are allowed to complete each webinar in their own schedule or to attend the specified sessions with other Changemakers.

L&L topics may include:

  • Future Leadership
  • Agility
  • Real-world experience
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
    Social Entrepreneurship