Dear Decision-Makers,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to hear from us. With the upcoming Earth Hour and the pressure from various parties to comply with reporting on sustainability, I am sure you too have been thinking about how to bring green solutions to your office space and organisational culture. Yet, implementation always seems to be a hindrance.

Getting around obstacles like processes, integration and costs can be draining to think about. Yes, we are all too aware of it.

Fret not. We have some suggestions if you’re interested in doing more this year. Don’t worry because you’re not alone. We are in this together:

Collective Action Drives Earth Hour

Earth Hour has the potential to be more than just a gimmick, when we step in collectively, that is.

What started out as a marketing campaign grew into something much bigger by the time the first official Earth Hour was launched in 2008 in Sydney. Originally known as ‘The Big Flick,’ Earth Hour quickly spread to over 400 cities in the first year alone.

Even Google’s homepage went dark in honour of Earth Hour. In 2011, the campaign took on a whole new level. Organisers recognised the opportunity to encourage the public to think bigger than Earth Hour, and came up with the tagline “Beyond the Hour.”

What Does All This Mean?

When people collectively perform actions that contribute towards our environment, it makes a difference. The challenge then becomes going beyond Earth Hour, because our actions need to go further than turning off lights. How do we go beyond the feel-good factor and actually make a difference?

We want to help inspire you, the people who make decisions for the well-being and success of their organisation everyday on ways in which you can go beyond the hour. If you’ve asked yourself how you can inspire, influence action and create change at an organisational level, you have come to the right place.

Six Ways We Can Help You Go Green

1. #unplugNplay At Your Office

Rent cool and unique installations for Family Day or Health Day at your office with Biji-biji’s unplugNplay. You’d be surprised by the amount of adults who feel like a kid again on a bicycle generator. Other generators also include a hamster wheel and a merry-go-round if you’d like to go all out!

2. Cycle for Fun & Fruit Juice!

Choose from an extensive array of devices from Biji-biji’s unplugNplay collection. Imagine a bicycle hooked up to a blender that contains fresh fruits, ready to be blended into a cup of refreshing juice. You can even rent a pair of bicycles and connect it to a ‘gamified’ pixel tower to create fierce, fun competition amongst colleagues.

3. Green Gig, Anyone?

Get in touch with your creative side by hosting an eco-friendly gig at your workplace. Biji-biji’s unplugNplay offers devices such as music amplifiers, acoustic gig, lights and a vintage TV screen that would make for a successful outdoor concert, powered by human legs. We’ve checked and it’s true: pedal-pushing IS back in fashion.

4. Express Your Brand

Express your organisation’s identity and brand by customising installations from Biji-biji’s unplugNplay. If you have something in mind, feel free to speak to us and we will endeavour to make your dream come true. Want to keep track of the emissions that you’ve saved from getting to the atmosphere? Or maybe you want a unicorn-themed installation? Unleash your innovative ideas without barriers!

5. Too Cool for School

Hire Me.reka, Biji-biji’s Education arm for brag-worthy workshops right in your office. Do you have unused materials lying around in your building? Talk to Me.reka about upcycling your excess items to get inspired! Their most popular corporate workshops are: upcycled chopstick lamps, string art, garden in a bottle, and many more!

6. Disrupt Your Workplace


Contact Biji-biji’s Disruptive Structures for some art installation concepts that can double up as trash collection centres or a place to recycle your excess plastic. They’re levelling up on the ways we think of plastic and are eager to collaborate with brands on exciting campaigns and on-ground activation.

These are some simple yet powerful ways to bring a healthy dose of sustainability to your office and inspire your colleagues to do the same. Indeed, we can do more than switching off our lights in conjunction with Earth Hour. 

Let’s go beyond in 2019 because collectively, our individual actions will make a difference.

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