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All of our products are made using at least 45% recycled materials, and any other materials are sourced from local suppliers as much as possible. Upcycling means appreciating and reusing materials in their original shape and form, increasing the value of the material with creativity, without destroying the effort that has gone into creating them.

All our products are measured by a scoring mechanism called Biji scores, which measure the environmental, economic & social impact of our products. Do check out our FAQ for more details.

Check out our dedicated website for Ethical Fashion at BIJI-BIJI FASHION



Social mission

As a social enterprise, we aim to involve as many people as we can in our project. The effort
to care for our world is a burden upon everyone’s shoulders after all. Each time you purchase
one of our products, you contribute points to our organisation. These points help us to provide
enterprising opportunities to more people and amplify the social impact we aspire to make.

We work with people from all over the world, whom all come with
different stories, skills and backgrounds. Diversity is inherent. This
revolving door of ideas and talents allow for a limitless dynamic of
ideas! Check out the profiles of our team members and help us
grow this movement.