5 Fancy Upcycled Bags Only Made With Seat Belt Material

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Did you know that seat belts are one of the most wasted materials in the world? As a matter of fact, the large scale production of cars causes this huge waste. So then, what to do with this material? Destroy it, as it happens most of the time…which is not an eco-friendly donation!

Hopefully, there are solutions.

Faced with what seems to be a non-remedial issue, Biji-biji Initiative, a specialist in sustainability and upcycled items has tried to successfully create bags made with seat belt material.

 ⇒ Cross Body Seat Belt Bag

This bag is perfect to carry your personal stuff (book, tablet, wallet, etc). Water resistant and lightweight, this handcrafted bag made with upcycled seat belts will suit various styles.

Cross Body Seat Belt Bag Biji-biji InitiativeCross Body Seat Belt Bag Biji-biji Initiative

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⇒ Seat Belt Pouch

Are you tired of handling toiletries which can last more than two trips? Here is the best solution. Presenting the seat belt pouch, you will get an exclusive well-designed bag for all your trips. Seat belt is a really strong material which will protect all your personal products while you are traveling. And the design will add a touch of fashion to your lifestyle.

Seat Belt Pouch Bag Biji-biji InitiativeSeat Belt Pouch Bag Biji-biji Initiative

⇒ Seat Belt Laptop Bag

If you want to impress your clients or workmates with a well designed laptop bag, you should definitely try to purchase this item.

With several compartments, you will not only be able to carry your laptop but also your tablets, folders and even some books. Its sturdy shoulder strap is also comfortable to handle and this is an item which is a perfect mix of beauty and utility… besides you will give a fantastic new life to seat belts.

Seat Belt Laptop Bag Biji-biji InitiativeSeat Belt Laptop Bag Biji-biji Initiative

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⇒ Seat Belt Pencil Case

We have all used a Pencil Case since our childhood which barely lasted few months. So what about offering a Pencil Case which will be used at least 15 years? That would be the best way to teach our kids about sustainability and how to successfully reuse waste materials.

Seat Belt Pencil Bag Biji-biji InitiativeSeat Belt Pencil Bag Biji-biji Initiative

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⇒ Seat Belt Bucket Bag

For a family picnic in a park or an afternoon with friends in the beach, this bag will always help you to carry the stuff you need to enjoy the moment! Practical and also fancy, there is no doubt that you will love this bag!

Seat Belt Bucket Bag Biji-biji InitiativeSeat Belt Bucket Bag Biji-biji Initiative

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