Sustainability Through Creativity, A Quick Tour Of Top 5 Projects By Biji-biji Initiative

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Sustainability - The very word conjures up an image of scientists and environmentalists in business suits conducting presentations filled with boring facts, data and charts and so on. Welcome to the exact opposite- a hip cool organisation - Biji-Biji Initiative in Kuala Lumpur formed by a young team who have showcased that being sustainable can be interesting and fun.

Chinese New year Upcycled lights, Client - Publika
We designed an overhead lighting arrangement made from  80 water bottles (9.5 L).  Our team of designers and volunteers cleaned and painted the bottles to to make them attractive.These were then fixed on a custom built framework.
Our electronics team fitted them with motion sensors and so when people walked away, they dimmed and lit up when people came closer. An interactive arrangement and also helped to spread awareness about up cycling in an aesthetic manner.

Festival Belia-Putrajaya, Client - Ministry of Youth and Sports
This festival was conducted in Putrajaya  for three days and various organisations from Malaysia participated actively.
Our contribution was a funky archway made of old bicycles, colorful lycra stretch tent decoration and basic woodworking workshops.This gave us a fantastic opportunity to engage with the public and create useful furniture from pallets.

More about DIY pallet furniture in

Designer Vodka Bottles, Client - Pernod Ricard Malaysia
Our team of designers exercised their creativity muscles to their maximum and came up with extremely out of the world designs for used vodka bottles. To add more luminance, electronics team did their part and the result was magic.     

Rainforest World Music festival, Client - Sarawak Tourism
Our team created unique lighting arrangements using Bamboo as the prime material. Vertical bamboo strip lights and bamboo mushroom lights to match the musical evening.

Eco Festival, Client - Ecoworld
Biji-biji was given the task of creating a fun filled family event for an eco-sensitive developer Ecoworld. So the arrangement was made by using upcycled bamboo, pallet and diesel drum furniture, Eco tree (from Bottles and bicycle scrap) and  colorful tents. Also a host of workshops relating to sustainability including the popular bicycle blender were organised.