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We love sowing seeds, especially seeds of sustainability. That was the very inspiration for calling ourselves, Biji-biji. If you are unfamiliar, Biji-biji means seeds in Bahasa Malaysia! 

Beyond Bins is the seed we are sowing to tackle our plastic waste issue. By providing a circulative supply and demand chain between the community, industry players and corporate bodies, we toil day in and out at closing the loop of plastic waste, ultimately bringing about the notion of a circular economy. 

Biji-biji’s humble idea with this project is to tackle our burgeoning plastic waste problem through innovative and self-sustaining solutions for the Malaysian community by introducing small scale plastic recycling or micro recycling. With Beyond Bins, we also work at providing underserved communities with an alternative income and means to improve their livelihoods, assisting us, breathe new life into plastic waste by creating new products from it.

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The vision we carry with Beyond Bins is to achieve a behavioural change as well as a mindset shift, towards the way we, the society collectively perceives the plastic waste issue.

However, Beyond Bins holds a much greater goal and that is to address sustainability issues on the whole. 

The art behind Beyond Bins does not merely lie in the technological aspect but also the human touch provided through soft engagement with local communities and the general public. 

Beyond Bins has also been aligned towards supporting our country’s Roadmap Towards Zero Single-Use Plastics, where it helps tackle the Ministry’s challenges in creating awareness and increasing the low recycling rates, through Biji-biji’s grassroots connections & corporate partnerships. The project has obtained MESTECC’s official support for its efforts in tackling the plastic waste issues.

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