Beyond Bins: an Introduction

About six years ago, we started as a community upcycling project.

Now, Beyond Bins is a full-fledged programme aiming to achieve a circular economy.  

We bring together the underprivileged communities, industry players, and our partners as enablers of this programme.

Welcome to Beyond Bins by Biji-biji Initiative.

​Beyond Bins is about the people and the planet. 

With Beyond Bins, our journey towards a circular economy begins with tackling two key challenges: the global plastic waste issue and the underprivileged communities of Malaysia.

Apart from addressing the plastic waste issue, we wish to improve environmental sustainability within the engaged communities while providing them with an alternative source of income. Following that, we aim to instil the sustainability and entrepreneurial mindset in hopes of creating a positive impact in the community.

Juliana Adam, the CEO of Biji-biji Initiative, says, “We want to empower the people, provide them with the means to improve their livelihoods, and at the same time tackle the plastic waste issue.

“By providing the right, accessible solutions to managing plastic waste and providing an alternative source of income to the communities, paired with the right education, we’d be one step closer to winning this fight.” 

Quick facts about plastic and poverty

In 2018, the production of plastic amassed 359 million metric tons worldwide (which is equivalent to 359 million of adult great white sharks!). Despite the surge in plastic production, recycling rates have been stagnant. 

The Statistics Department of Malaysia reported that the absolute poverty rate in Malaysia has improved from 7.6% in 2016 to 5.6% 2019, after the revision of the national poverty line income (PLI), yet it is a matter of exclusion in terms of relative poverty; it is the inability to access necessities for a decent life.

Biji-biji Initiative’s important role

As the enabler of the campaign, Beyond Bins introduces small-scale plastic recycling solutions and promotes an alternative source of income to the underserved communities through the production & re-selling of plastic recycled products.

We have a recycling machine, inspired by Dave Hakken’s open-source blueprint of the Precious Plastic Project.

Using the machines, the communities produce beautiful, 100% recycled plastic products after a period of training and guidance.

beyond bins machine
The recycling machine, inspired by Dave Hakken’s Precious Plastic Project

Apart from production, the communities are also engaged in an educational campaign to inspire them about sustainability and entrepreneurship, which is our ultimate goal. 

At the end of the day, positive changes and mindset shifts matter to us. It’s the key to building stronger foundations toward sustainable development for our shared future. 

You can be a part of this, too

Here’s how you can be a part of Beyond Bins toward a sustainable, circular economy. 

Do you have a sustainability-themed programme/event, a conference, or a large project coming up? Let’s create a positive impact with ethical purchases of corporate gifts of 100% recycled products, that also provide an alternative income to the engaged communities! Allow your guests to learn about how their choices can lead to sustainable changes in underprivileged communities. 

Otherwise, our specialty is in educational campaigns. 

Are you looking to organise an educational campaign about sustainability and environmental awareness? Beyond Bins can be the answer to your calls. We’re able to provide engaging, on-ground activities to promote sustainability. Or, we can customise educational campaigns that emphasize plastic waste awareness and community sustainability – we’re flexible like that!

Reimagine waste with us today.

Check out our Beyond Bins site for details.

Or, click here to discuss potential collaborations – we’re excited to see where this goes!

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