Climate Refugees

A stone crusher mill in Bangladesh

Photo by Sadiq Nafee on Unsplash Climate Refugees—Driven out of their homes due to disasters or sudden long-term changes to their local environments, compromising their well-being and livelihood. Have you heard of them? Who are they, and where do they come from? Let’s start with the fact of the matter, climate change is real, and […]

Uplifting communities and transforming the value of waste through RIPPLE, an A.R.C. Challenge Malaysia project by the British Council

Biji-biji Initiative partners with Falmouth University in the Responsible Innovation Plastics Project for Life and Environment  (RIPPLE) project through the ‘Awareness, Resilience and Collaboration’ A.R.C. Challenge Malaysia by the British Council. Through the A.R.C. Challenge Malaysia, one of the British Council’s initiatives in leading up to the COP26, Biji-biji Initiative looks forward to partnering with Falmouth […]

The power of youth-led social innovation

What is social innovation? Social innovation is the process of developing and making use of effective solutions to solve systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress. These solutions often require collaboration across the government, business and nonprofit world.  In general, social innovation focuses on ideas and solutions that creates social value, and […]

Recycling Symbols vs Plastic Resin Codes – They Don’t Mean the Same Thing

recycling resin codes and colorful bins

Sometimes it seems like everything in the modern-day consists of some sort of plastic component — perhaps because to a massive extent it does? After all, plastic does account for the third-highest source of waste globally. The lightweight, durable and versatile material, with its inexpensive production costs makes it one of the highest utilised materials in the […]

Changemaker Talent Development Programme 2021: An Impactful HR Internship Experience

Changemaker Talent Development Programme

The Changemaker Talent Development Programme (CTDP) is Biji-biji Initiative and Me.reka’s flagship trainee programme, aimed at nurturing talent with real-world experiences and opportunities to create impact solutions. The team checked in with Natalia Shahrilnazim, a Human Resource Intern at Biji-biji Initiative, to find out about Natalia’s experience. Hello! My name is Natalia Shahrilnazim. I am […]

How the circular economy is the answer to post-Covid recovery


The detrimental implications of the COVID-19 pandemic were felt worldwide, from overwhelmed health care systems in even the most developed nations to highlighting the gaps of inequality in our society. As such, we can all agree on one thing— our current systems are not working for businesses, people, or the environment. The pandemic has made […]

Designing waste out of products – the circular economy for climate action

designing waste out of products

On average, the lifespan of an iPhone is about 4 years before it is eventually replaced with a newer model, perpetuating the concept of planned obsolescence and the consequence of amounting e-waste. The clothes we buy and wear face similar fates after a period of time. Globally, an estimated 92 million tonnes of textiles waste […]

Redefining social entrepreneurship: inspired by Daniela Papi Thornton

“Systems change (…) is messy and complicated, and it takes more than businesses. It takes nonprofits and governments and everything in between because no one organization can grow to the size of the problems we face,” says Daniela Papi Thornton, a leader and educator on systems-led social intervention.   So what is social entrepreneurship, and what […]

The Digital Skills and Gig Economy Employability Programme – Impact Report

microsoft gig economy impact report

The gig economy experienced a burst in growth following the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia, with the youths turning to freelance-based employment to adjust to a new normal.  Microsoft Malaysia, in collaboration with Biji-biji Initiative, will work towards connecting aspiring youths with in-demand skills and expertise to kickstart future-proof their careers in the […]

Chinese New Year 2021: A Year of Strength and Determination

chinese new year 2021

Normally, during this time of the year, the air would be filled with auspicious cheer and a flurry of colour in preparation for the Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival.  This year, things are much different. In Malaysia, following updated SOPs for Chinese New Year celebrations this year, reunion dinners are limited to a […]