The Biji-Biji Initiative Story
Formed in 2013, a group of 4 young visionaries set out to change the sustainability scene in Malaysia through progressive ideas, changing how people look at waste and sustainability issues.

What started in a humble apartment and then a house in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur grew rapidly due to persistence, grit, amazing team members, and an even more supportive Malaysian network. We had a head start with the Entrepreneurs for Good competition by the British Council, then a corporate gift order of 2000 banner bags in 2013 and clinching the first prize at Alliance Bank's SME Innovation Challenge Award in 2014.

What was once a disruptive group of passionate young volunteers has grown into a full-fledged team of permanent staff members from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, based in Publika, Malaysia’s artistic & creativity hub in the heart of KL.

Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability

Biji means “seed” in Malay.

At Biji-biji Initiative, our mission is to plant the seeds of a better tomorrow, today.

Humanity is at a turning point. In our pursuit of modernity, we have sought for more and more, faster and faster. Our access to healthcare has never been better, and the human lifespan is the longest it has ever been in the history of mankind. Today, the average person has access to technology that was unfathomable just half a century ago. For all our successes, there is a dark side: our consumption patterns. We have been taught to believe that buying more things will bring happiness.

In the name of progress, we have neglected the ecosystem around us. We have lost touch of Nature and in doing so, we have suffered an extreme loss of biodiversity; necessary for Earth to thrive. Skyscrapers and GDPs have become our benchmark for development, but our activities have taken a heavy toll on Earth. It is clear that our current way of life is not tenable.

Critics of overpopulation say that 7.5 billion people (and counting) is our biggest challenge. We see things a bit differently – what if those billions of people can be the missing piece of the solution? Part of our mission is looking into how we can mobilise people into taking action.

We are a social enterprise devoted to inspiring people and sharing social innovations to live a more sustainable life. We are experts at nurturing human creativity to be put to good use by reworking, reducing and rethinking the way we do things.

Rather than to completely cease to consume, our mission is to reimagine consumption in a way that is beneficial to the people as well as to the planet. After all, we only have one.