The Biji-Biji Initiative Story
Formed in 2013, a group of 4 young visionaries set out to change the sustainability scene in Malaysia through progressive ideas, changing how people look at waste and sustainability issues.

What started in a humble apartment and then a house in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur grew rapidly due to persistence, grit, amazing team members, and an even more supportive Malaysian network. We had a head start with the Entrepreneurs for Good competition by the British Council, then a corporate gift order of 2000 banner bags in 2013 and clinching the first prize at Alliance Bank's SME Innovation Challenge Award in 2014.

What was once a disruptive group of passionate young volunteers has grown into a full-fledged team of permanent staff members from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, based in Publika, Malaysia’s artistic & creativity hub in the heart of KL.

Biji-Biji Initiative Values

Research & Development

This is the core of what makes Biji-biji an inventive and creative place to work. Research and development is crucial and helps us break new ground in anything we do. Over the years, we have become experts at conducting R&D without incurring exorbitant costs and fine-tuning our creations according to public feedback.

Inclusiveness and Equitable

We work in an inclusive and equitable manner. We work in a non-discriminatory manner where conscious efforts are made to create, maintain and ensure a fair and equitable environment within Biji-biji Initiative. It is only by being inclusive and fair, can we truly be successful.

New Client Engagement

To increase ownership and sales, all members of the team are encouraged to bring in projects and will be rewarded with a 10% commission. This includes contacting relevant parties, proposing a type of engagement and setting up a meeting. This only applies to new client engagement (e.g: Clients that we have not contacted previously).


We believe collaboration is superior to competition and strongly believe in partnerships to multiply impact. We actively seek out collaboration opportunities to increase effectiveness in reaching our shared goals. When someone shares a great idea with us, we make sure they are included in the entire process.

Open Source Principles

Our designs are shared for non-commercial use, which means the rights to study, change and distribute them are available for non-commercial purposes. This allows the designs to be constantly improved upon, and for us to further develop our building techniques by making new prototypes. By spreading good ideas instead of protecting them, we can innovate efficiently and effectively.

Open Workshops

We have two Open Workshops. (1) Jalan Sungkai, Off Jalan Ipoh (2) Jalan Nangka, Off Jalan Ipoh. These workshops are equipped with tools and machinery, and serve as our prototype development center, production and storage facility. Here, members of the public and clients alike are encouraged to take part in the design process, learn and develop solutions.