5 Tips for an Amazing and Sustainable Office Party!

“Winter is coming”, or at least December is! If you find yourself in charge of organising your office Christmas party, let’s make sure it goes with a bang.

1) Save the Date!

  • Book your favorite venue in advance: Every successful party is the result of careful planning. By scheduling your event in advance and asking for RSVPs, you will ensure most people can attend. After all, the goal is to bring your company together!  
  • Maximise resources: Careful budgeting is essential to reducing event waste; let’s cut down on the amount of untouched gingerbread men and halfdrunk bottles! If you hire a caterer or plan to organise a party outside your workplace, bear in mind that their team will usually overestimate your needs. Have a solution in place to deal with event waste; for example, recycling and food waste management.  
  • How to do it? Send an invite in advance, and a reminder a couple of days before the event. An ecard, customised email or calendar request is the quickest way to invite guests; it also avoids the hassle and waste of paper cards. If you are part of a large organisation, you can nominate representatives in each department to deliver invitations and return RSVPs.

2) Secret Santa

  • Think about the people first: Before putting together goodies bags, and to minimise the resulting waste, think about what your staff will actually enjoy. Popular treats like chocolates are always a safe bet!  
  • Less gifts, more fun! Secret Santa is a great way to build team spirit. It brings people together, encouraging them to show appreciation for one specific colleague. This prevents waste or unwanted presents, which will not be fully appreciated and might be discarded.  
  • A gift from the heart: Applying a “homemade gift rule” can encourage creativity and bring your team closer together. It is also an opportunity to learn more about your colleagues and their hidden talents. Homemade Christmas cookies shared during a coffee break are more meaningful than any trinket.

3) Food and Drink

  • Pick the best dining option: Think ahead to create a delicious but cost-effective holiday party menu. Look for a menu that has something for everyone. Try to avoid buffets, even for large groups, as they often generate the most food waste.  
  • Make the best of your resources: If you do decide on a buffet, refill the table as the food gets eaten. This way, you can make sure snacks and drinks are available throughout the event without unnecessarily opening bottles and packages. Unpackaged goods have a longer shelf life.  
  • Let’s tapau! While shopping for party supplies, think about what to do with the leftovers. Should the guests take them home? Could you organise breakfast? Or put them up for grabs in the break room?

4) Decoration, Goodies and Accessories

  • Decorations? Add the final touch to your Christmas party! Save money, time and waste by investing in decorations that can be reused over the years. When buying electric garlands, remember that LEDs consume less electricity than standard lights. Homemade decoration are also an option, a workshop can be organised prior to the party! Check out these upcycled paper ornaments made during one of our workshops.  
  • Christmas dressup! Why not apply a festive dresscode or organise a Christmas sweater contest? Other activities such as board games, table tennis or pool provide easy fun and take little organisation.

5) Think Outside the Box : Party Alternatives?!

 There are many alternative and meaningful ways to celebrate the holidays. “A little party never killed anybody” is probably true, but why not think outside the box?

  • Charity donation: Involve your team and give back to the holiday season in its’ true meaning. Allocating donation points in the office for a local charity can be a good idea.
  • Team building: Invest in an activity to share with all employees; share an experience more than just food and drinks

We wish you the best for the upcoming holidays! If you want to learn more about sustainability and how to implement it in every aspect of your events, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. If you have a specific project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us through these platform or at [email protected].

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