12 Crazy Resolutions Which Will Make This World Better

And yet again, we come to a new year! And as the whole world rejoices and celebrates the ending of a whole calendar of events filled with 365 days worth of highs and lows, welcoming an entirely new one with open arms, we’re also reminded of the harsh reality, that a new year also means an aging self, and a weary earth. But hey! that doesn’t mean some reflection and some self renewal can’t do the spirits good. Here are 9 tthoughts to consider doing for the self, the society and the land.

Go paperless and be done with your local newspaper.

Bauxite pollution in Pahang, pointless, thoughtless statements by the powers that be. Enough already. Save yourself from the dreary dailies and do the depleting trees in Sarawak a favour. There are better reads online, progressive, innovative ideas that could inspire your good self and society. Ideas and information of your choosing, paper free and a click away!

Sort out the junk in your life. Only keep what’s important.

The new year isn’t just about commemorating the years that’s past. It is mainly about ushering the new! So make room for new things in your life. Rid your closet and shelves (or even your chest, if this point be allowed to be metaphorical) of that which merely collects dust, and make way to welcome newer, more exciting things. It’s nice to reminisce and smile to a relic of your past, but it’s even nicer to have things to look forward to!

Love yourself more. Mind, body and soul.

It’s not an easy feat to litter in a beautiful place you appreciate. And if you apply that analogy to the self, and learn all the things that you love about yourself, you may find preserving, caring, nourishing, projecting and sharing the self something more natural to you.

Get yourself your own bottle, and drink more water!

Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, and a glass of warm water before bed. And throughout the day, carry with you a reusable bottle and take sips! Get a real nice one with your name inscribed on it. It’d be great to have one that keeps it cold or warm, and it’d be handy to have, and environmentally friendly, when packing drinks from your favorite coffee shop or mamak.

Co-operate with the environment

When you observe the workings of nature, you’ll find that you could learn so much from it. Mankind have really been too ignorant of the brilliance nature could share with us. Instead we’ve been destroying and working against it. This new year, let’s remind ourselves of year six science and live symbiotically with nature itself!

Use own drinks/food pack when packing food

Plastic, plastic, plastic! Plastic literally is everywhere! and growing more and more by the second! It’s even forming a whole island of it’s own somewhere on the ocean, and it’s the only island in the world that is growing. You may not feel the impact of your personal reduction of plastic usage to so significant, but your change in habit only means that we are one person closer to getting all of mankind taking the necessary step the environment needs us to do.

More greenery! Plants in the office, plants at home and plant/re-plant trees in the country!

One crucial principle of progress, or development, (a principle progress/development ought to have, at least) is that if you are going to build over something, try to make sure that the building replacing the former is at least more beautiful than what it was before. Therefore, if you are going to chop a tree, which is something we do have to do for development, let’s make it beautiful! And what’s more beautifying than trees, plants and flowers! Beautify your home, office and surrounding by planting, hanging and placing more trees around you, which also is pleasing for other people.

Reusable Bags! Reusable containers! Pollution is so Refusable!

Reuse, and you refuse pollution! Even better, why don’t you get an upcycled bag. Because we all have had to buy reusable bags more than once, why not buy a reusable bag that itself was made from reused materials!? Check out the various upcycled bags we’ve made from different waste materials.

Excess in one own’s life makes you miss out on the whelming wonders which exists already in life.

And when we speak of reusing, we should speak too about reducing. Why shouldn’t we reduce? It’ll help us open our eyes more to the beauty that already exists. There’s just too many things that people make you believe you want these days, that we forget about the things most majestic in life.

Spend time and money wisely. Be aware of the causes of your purchase

In a consumer driven society, the power of the consumer decides where society is headed in. Be a conscious consumer, seeing that we all have the power of the purchase. Choose a brand that is socially responsible, purchase a product that has little impact on the environment. Remember, your change in habit does mean we’re one person closer to having a human society that aids the environment, and each other rather than harming the environment and each other.

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